Lingering in Czechoslovakia

Try as I may to move on to France, I keep on lingering in Czechoslovakia and its two subsequent nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And so, today, I have uploaded a short biography of Vaclav Fajt. I know that the area is dominated by big names such as Ondracek and Cinovsky, and Hercik and Schmidt, to name but a few, but it's worthwhile checking out the other engravers as well.

You'll probably have to google a bit for it, but Fajt has made a beautiful private engraving of Vaclav Havel, and in Hessler's book The International Engraver's Line you'll find a truly gorgeous self-engraved self-portrait of his.

For this post here I scanned two of his stamps from the 1996 Nature Conservation miniature sheet, issued in the Czech republic. I think the detail of the engraving is quite stunning and the end result rather magnificent.

You'll find more pictures of his work on his page, so enjoy!