DATABASE: Jean Pheulpin


Comoro Islands, Definitive

Fezzan, Definitive
France, Art exhibition
France, Poets
French Morocco, Solidarity fund
French Morocco, Definitives
Laos, Definitives, Vientiane design
Monaco, Holy year

France, National relief fund
Laos, Definitives
Laos, Postage dues
Laos, Admission into UPU
Madagascar, Definitive
Tunisia, Army welfare fund
Tunisia,  Holiday camp fund

France, National relief fund
French West Africa, Definitive
Laos, Red cross
Laos, Court of love
Laos, Buddha statues
Monaco, Olympics
New Caledonia, French administration

Algeria, Citrus fruit culture
Algeria, Earthquake victims
Cameroun, Dr. Jamot
France, Views
France, Return of Stenay
France, National relief fund
French Morocco, Solidarity fund
French West Africa, Definitive
Laos, Golden jubilee
Saar, Marian year
Saar, National relief fund

Algeria, Medical congress
Cameroun, Definitive
France, Jules Verne
France, Jacques Coeur
France, Views
French Morocco, Definitive
Laos, Ramayana
Saar, National relief fund
Togo, Nature protection
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  Definitives

Algeria, Foreign legion welfare fund
France, Deportation memorial
France, Stamp day
France, National relief fund
France, Famous men
French Polynesia, Development fund
Laos, Buddhist era
Laos, Admission into UNO
Togo, Rural school
Tunisia, Stamp day

Algeria, Railway line
Algeria, Air
France, Views
France, Tourism
France, Schoelcher
France, Inventors
France, Le Quesnoy
France, National relief fund
France, Tourism
French Equatorial Africa, Elephant definitive
Laos, Musicians
Laos, Rice cultivation
Laos, Buddhism
Madagascar, Plants
Peru, French Products exhibition, 40c only
St. Pierre et Miquelon, definitives

France, Doctors
France, Resistance heroes
France, Red cross
French Polynesia, Definitives, 50f and 100f (according to Musée de la Poste)
French West Africa, Centenary of Dakar
French West Africa, Inauguration of Nouakchott
Laos, Elephants
Laos, Red cross
Laos, UNESCO building

France, Resistance heroes
France, Red cross
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Definitives
Laos, King Sisavang Vong
Laos, Education and fine arts
Laos, Monuments
Mali Federation, St Louis of Senegal
Morocco, National aid
Tunisia, Third anniversary of independence
Tunisia, Definitives
Tunisia, First anniversary of Tnuisian central bank
Upper Volta, First anniversary of republic

Cameroun, Proclamation of independence
France, Tourism
France, Pierre de Nolhac
France, Resistance heroes
Laos, Tourism
Malagasy Republic, Butterflies
Malagasy Republic, Philibert Tsiranana
Tunisia, Fourth Arab scout jamboree
Vietnam, Air

Cambodia, Flowers
Cameroun, Admission to the UN
Central African Republic, Admission of CAR into UNO
Congo, Admission of Congo Republic into UNO
Congo, Flora airmail stamps
France, Tourism
France, Resistance heroes
France, Red cross
Ivory Coast, Ayamé Dam
Laos, King's funeral
Malagasy Republic, Lemurs
Tunisia, Africa day and third anniversary of Accra conference

France, Tourism
France, Maurice Bourdet
France, Vannes
Ivory Coast, Postal centenary
Laos, Makha Bousa
Laos, King Savang Vatthana
Laos, Malaria eradication
Laos, Philatelic exhibition
Malagasy Republic, Tourist publicity
New Caledonia, Definitives
Vietnam, Strategic villages
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Marine fauna

Dahomey, Dahomey tribes
France, Nantes flower show
France, Philatelic societies federation
France, Tourism
Ivory Coast, Air
Laos, Freedom from hunger
Monaco, Tour de France
Monaco, Football association
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Birds

France, Liberation
France, Tourism
Laos, Peoples
Mauritania, Birds
Monaco, Aerial rally
New Caledonia, Air
Niger Republic, Native villages

Central African Republic, Death centenary of Abraham Lincoln
Central African Republic, Harnessed animals in agriculture
Congo, Folklore and tourism
France, Art
France, Tourism
Laos, Butterflies
Laos, ITU
Laos, Protection of mother and child
Mali Republic, Air, birds
Monaco, ITU
Niger Republic, Radio club promotion

Cambodia, Temples
Cameroun, 20th anniversary of UNESCO and UNICEF
Dahomey, World festival of Negro Arts Dakar
France, Red cross
Laos, Birds
Laos, Ceremonies
Monaco, Monte Carlo
Niger Republic, World cup football championships

Chad, Bailloud Mission in the Ennedi
France, Art
France, Orleans flower show
France, Marie Curie
Gabon, Papal encyclal populorum progressio
Laos, Flood relief
Laos, Buddhist art
Mauritania, World fair
Mauritania, Advancement of Mauritanian women
Monaco, Motor grand prix
Monaco, Marie Curie
Niger Republic, World fair Montreal

Central African Republic, Second anniversary of Bangui mosque
France, Red cross
France, Le Sage
France, Tourism
Ivory Coast, Industries
Monaco, J. F. Bosio
Monaco, Paintings
New Caledonia, Sea Shells
Upper Volta, Handicrafts

France, Red cross
France, Philatelic societies congress
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Anti-locust campaign
Ivory Coast, SKAL tourist association congress
Malagasy Republic, Fruits
Monaco, Leonardo da Vinci
Monaco, Exploration of Mediterranean
Niger Republic, Philexafrique

Congo, Locomotives of Congo railways
France, Red cross
France, Art
France, Air pioneers
Ivory Coast, Thermal power plant Vridi
Monaco, Interparliamentary union meeting
Monaco, Horses
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Fruit plants

France, Red cross
Laos, Stamp anniversary
New Caledonia, Whangarei-Nouméa Yacht Race
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Free French Movement

Chad, Russian moon exploration
Dahomey, 75th death anniversary of Johannes Brahms
France, Stamp day
France, Tourism
Malagasy Republic, Economic development
Mali Republic, First anthology of Mali music
Mauritania, Russian exploration of the moon
Monaco, Save Venice campaign
Niger Republic, 75th death anniversary of Johannes Brahms

France, Red cross
France, Tourism
France, WWII heroes
France, Postal museum building
Gabon, M'Bigou stone sculptures
Ivory Coast, Fishes
Ivory Coast, Stamp and post day
Mali Republic, Musical instruments
Monaco, First Hertzian radio link
New Caledonia, Stamp Day
Niger Republic, 60th death anniversary of Rudolf Diesel

Comoro Islands, Mausoleum
France, Liberation
Ivory Coast, President Houphouet-Boigny
Ivory Coast, Definitives
Ivory Coast, Follereau commemoration
Malagasy Republic, Freedom from hunger
Mauritania, First anniversary of introduction of Ouguiya currency
Monaco, Ernest Duchesne
Monaco, Fernand Forest
Monaco, The Impressionists
Niger Republic, Famous railway locomotives of the steam era

Andorra (French), Pompidou
Andorra (French), Women's year
Cameroun, Churches and mosque
Central African Republic, Birth centenary of Dr Albert Schweitzer
France, Regions
Iceland, Celebrities
Laos, Borobodur temple campaign
Mali Republic, 30th anniversary of UN
Monaco, Europa
Monaco, Numismatics
New Hebrides, Charolais Bull
Upper Volta, 75th anniversary of evangelisation of Upper Volta

Andorra (French), Meritxell chapel
France, Regions
France, Tourism
Gabon, Death centenary of Bessieux
Mali Republic, Fishes
Mali Republic, Europafrique
Monaco, Literary council
Monaco, Bridge olympics
Monaco, Numismatics

Cameroun, History of aviation
France, Regions
France, Philatelic creations
France, Horticultural society
France, Flower show
Monaco, Peter Paul Rubens
Monaco, Europa
Monaco, Carriere d'un navigateur
Monaco, Numismatics
Niger Republic, Second world festival of negro arts

Andorra (French), Nature protection
Benin, Rural post
France, Juvexniort
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Navigators memorial
Mali Republic, Anti-apartheid year
Monaco, Europa
Monaco, Charles Perrault
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Sea shells

France, Flower show
France, Borobudur temple
Iceland, Famous Icelanders
Monaco, Year of the child
Monaco, Salle Garnier
Monaco, St Patrick's cathedral
Monaco, Emperor's visit

France, Philatelic creations
France, Tourism
France (UNESCO), Sites
Iceland, Fauna
Monaco, Numismatics
New Caledonia, Air. Outrigger canoe

France, Red cross
France, Art
France (UNESCO), Sites
Iceland, Missionary work
Monaco, Birth anniversaries
New Caledonia, New Caledonia-Australia airmail flight

Iceland, Famous Icelanders
Monaco, Precancels
Monaco, Lord Baden-Powell

France, Martin Luther
France, Treaty of Versailles
French Polynesia, Gauguin
Monaco, Franciscan college

France, Marx Dormoy
Monaco, Precancels
New Caledonia, Ships

France, Relations with Thailand
Monaco, Precancels
Monaco, Strawberry tree

France, Pasteur institute
Monaco, Stamp day
New Caledonia, Canoe

French Polynesia, medicinal plants


France, Unaccepted engraving for Unemployed Intellectuals Relief Fund stamp

France, Engraved essay for Bossuet stamp

France, Engraved essay for Reconstruction stamp

France, Engraving for philatelic document for the Ephebus of Agde stamp

France, Engraving for philatelic document for the Martin Luther issue

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