Aland sheep

I think it's fair to say that one of the best ambassadors promoting the art of stamp engraving at the moment is Martin Mörck. His name can be found on recess-printed stamps from many countries, he's a member of l'Art du Timbre Gravé, one of the few (if not the only) non-French engravers, and for years he's been to China to train engravers over there.

The result of that major effort is now available to us all in the shape of a lovely Aland miniature sheet. The two Chinese engravers who won the competition were Liu Minghui and Yang Zhiying. Liu engraved the stamp with single ram and Yang the stamp with the lamb on.

The stamps are printed in a combination of recess and litho and 'foiling' (there's probably a better technical word for it) and, to highlight the engravers' talents, a special limited edition (5000) sheetlet has been printed with the engraved parts only.

They're beautifully done, I think, and I hope they'll be so successful that both Aland and China will issue more engraved stamps in the future!

See yous later