The Dulac Question

Not too long ago I wrote about the Marianne de Dulac stamp, which has either one or two engravers attributed to its design: Edmond Dulac and Leonard Vincent Phillips. John from Australia then contacted me and he sent me this gif which is absolutely fantastic as it makes it so much easier to compare the two versions. Here it is:

He wrote he thought he could distinguish the following differences:

- The circles under the laurel leaves (if that's what they are) are a different shape. One is more rounded and the other more oval.
- The cross is fatter in one. 
- The F in RF seems different, I think in the lower of the two horizontal strokes.
- The lines on the back of the neck seem different.
- While the cross-hatching is almost identical there are small variations.
Can you as well? I believe the circles and the cross varieties are the most obvious. Most intriguing! Question remains of course: What happened and why?



  1. The biggest difference I see is in the height of "EDMOND DULAC" - the letters are notably shorter / more squat on the 1 Fr 50 stamp.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Yes, I see what you mean, and I think you're right. I'm hoping to one day get an answer from my 'French friends' as to what happened and why...

  2. Hi, hope you dont mind a second comment from me on the designers and engravr of the Dulac Marianne .
    I've checked a useful article in the France and Colonies Journal, Sept 1994. Again the view is that Dulac designed but did not engrave the stamps. According to Phillips record books, he engraved the head od Marianne, but not the frame. This was presumably done by some other De La Rue engraver.
    The model for Marianne was a life-long friend of Dulacs, Lea Rixens, a French Woman who was awarded the Croix de Guerre for heroism during the war. She had been active in assisting Allied airmen and Soldiers at great risk to her life - great model for Marianne

  3. Mind? I think it's marvellous. Even if you were to write new comments each and every day for the next 20 years, I'd still be happy!
    Looks like we can scrap Dulac's name from the engravers credits. I've always thought it rather weird anyway.
    Interesting comment about the Phillips record books. As you can see I have only a few stamps credited to him. Are there many more? If so, could you please contact me? My email address is rerrick (at) btopenworld (dot) com.

  4. Hi Ryan,
    I dont see anything else regarding Phillips in the De La Rue archives. They say precious little about ANY engraver or designer. The only other engraver mentioned is Bradbury Wilkinson in the hundreds of pages I have looked at so far.
    The France and Colonies Journal article of 1994 mentions a series of Sudan credited to Phillips but does not give details. I'll send you a little more information about Philips Tasmania Pictorials issues off-line.


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