DUYVIS, Debora


Debora Duyvis (1886-1974) studied at the Dutch Rijksacademie (Royal Academy of Visual Arts) between 1910 and 1918. She was a pupil of Professor Aarts', himself a stamp and banknote engraver.

Duyvis was not very pleased with her first die for the 1927 Dutch Red Cross stamp. The lettering especially did not live up to her expectations and she requested to have H. Seegers engrave the lettering on a new die. This request was not granted but the lettering on the original design would be amended so she would have a better example when engraving them.

Her second die was accepted and used to print the stamp, but overall it was still found lacking quality. This may well be why she was never again asked to engrave stamps.


Netherlands, Red cross 3c


- Handboek Postwaarden Nederland, Issue C6