After King submitted his die proof for the 4d value of the 1947 New Zealand life Insurance stamp, he was asked to make improvements on the superstructure of the steamer and the right-hand side of the cupola.

The first die proof for the 1948 2d Otago value for New Zealand came in for a lot of criticism and a list of eight proposed amendments was composed. King had to remove a rock from the frame and insert it in the picture part of the stamp, the dust effect around the coach had to be increased, the shovel on the left had to be more identical to the one on the right, the person on the coach had to be seen to be holding the reins, the bark of the trees had to be improved, the hills had to be strengthened, the lines in the trees had to be softened, and the water should be shown more turbulently. Making all these alterations was to be rather difficult without starting completely afresh, but King managed to alter the die to everyone's satisfaction, even though he could not for example soften the trees as much as was wanted.


New Zealand, Life insurance 4d

New Zealand, Otago 2d


- The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Volume II, Edited by RJG Collins and CW Watts (1950)