Monday, 8 July 2013

JEENS, Charles Henry


In 1865 Charles Jeens submitted essays for the cod and seal definitives for Newfoundland. The illustrations were surrounded by an engine-turned oval background. The eventual stamps, however, would be engraved by Joseph Pease.

The head of the 1859 Ceylon definitive was engraved by Jeens and placed in an existing frame from the Tasmania definitives. The same head would also be used for the 1859 definitives of the Ionian Islands.

Although the Stanley Gibbons catalogues credit Jeens with the engraving of Grenada's first definitive of 1861, many philatelic heavyweights, such as L.N. & M. Williams, Bertram Poole and John Easton, actually think it was William Humphrys (Stamp Magazine October 2011).

Alfred Jones' 1868 portrait of Victoria on the Canadian definitives was based on a similar design by Charles Henry Jeens.


Ceylon, Definitives in design of 4d
Ionian Islands, Definitives
Natal, Definitives

Grenada, Definitives?
St. Vincent, Definitives (1)

Antigua, Definitives

Turks Islands, Definitives, portrait only, taken from 1862 Antigua issue (2)

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2) Stamp Magazine, April 2017


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