DATABASE: Martin Mörck


Sweden, Definitive
Sweden, Public transport

Sweden, Definitive
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Northern arrow
Sweden, Christmas

Sweden, Bandy
Sweden, Year of the child
Sweden, Sundsvall strike
Sweden, Costumes and jewellery

Sweden, Norse mythology
Sweden, Year of disabled persons
Sweden, Sailing boats
Sweden, Guest of reality
Sweden, Business mail

Sweden, Museum of cultural history
Sweden, Buoyage system
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Sweden, Postal co-operation
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Hjalmar Bergman
Sweden, Return of Riksdag
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Sweden, Mountain world
Sweden, Fredrika Bremer association
Sweden, Viking satellite
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Sweden, Touring club
Sweden, Trade signs
Sweden, Board games
Sweden, Birth centenaries
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Sweden, Water birds
Sweden, Peace year
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Aland Islands, 1m bridge definitive
Iceland, Guardian spirits
Sweden, Town anniversaries
Sweden, Service of humanity
Sweden, Botanical gardens
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Iceland, Guardian spirits
Sweden, Inland boats
Sweden, New Sweden
Sweden, Anniversaries
Sweden, Football
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Iceland, Guardian spirits
Sweden, Lighthouses
Sweden, Academy of sciences
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Iceland, Guardian spirits
Sweden, New Wasa
Sweden, Clouds
Sweden, Nobel prize winners
United States, Great Americans, 20c, 77c and 78c

Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Olympic medallists
Sweden, Iron industry
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Aland Islands, Cape Horners Congress
Denmark, Society of engineers
Denmark, Europa
Estonia, Baltic birds
Latvia, Baltic birds
Lithuania, Baltic birds
Sweden, Olympic medallists (2 issues)
Sweden, Europa 
Sweden, Museum of fine arts
Sweden, Baltic birds

Aland Islands, Postal autonomy
Denmark, Submarine cable
Sweden, Fruits
Sweden, Postal co-operation
Sweden, Hydrographic service
Sweden, Christmas

Denmark, Trams
Denmark, Protected animals
Finland, Athletics meeting
Sweden, Single European market
Sweden, Cats
Sweden, Johan Helmich Roman
Sweden, Athletics meeting
Sweden, Europa

Aland Islands, St. Olaf
Denmark, Tycho Brahe
Faröe Islands, St Olaf
Greenland, Orchids
Greenland, Ship figureheads
Sweden, Traditional buildings
Sweden, Athletics championships
Sweden, Ancient treasures
Sweden, Tycho Brahe

Denmark, Sailing boats
Denmark, Thorvald Bindesböll
France, René Descartes
Greenland, Orchids
Sweden, Wildlife
Sweden, Traditional buildings
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Ecopark
Sweden, Nobel prize winners

Denmark, Definitives
Denmark, Railway
France, Europa
France, Rowing championships
Greenland, Butterflies
Iceland, Rural post
Monaco, Europa
Monaco, Parish of Monaco
Sweden, Naval museum
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Cars

Canada, Polar bear definitive
Greenland, New order
Greenland, Postal co-operation
Monaco, Association against violence in sport
Sweden, Handicrafts
Sweden, Vilhelm Moberg
Sweden, 20th century

Denmark, Trees
Denmark, Revue
Denmark, Royal library extension
France, Art
Greenland, Endangered species
Greenland, National museum
Greenland, Europa
Monaco, Show jumping competition
Monaco, Oceanographic museum
Monaco, Christmas
Sweden, Australia 99
Sweden, Dance bands
Sweden, Christmas

Denmark, 20th century (four issues)
Denmark, Cerebral palsy association
Denmark, Royal air force
France, Brother Alfred Stanke
Greenland, Sirius
Greenland, Definitives
Greenland, Hafnia 01
Iceland, Discovery of the Americas
Monaco, WIPA 2000
Monaco, Disabled children
Sweden, Children's toys

Denmark, Amnesty international
Denmark, First stamps
Denmark, Hafnia 01
France, Tourism
Greenland, Europa
Sweden, World heritage sites
Sweden, Ivar Lo-Johansson
Sweden, Aviation

Denmark, LEV association
Denmark, Exploration of the sea
Denmark, Metro
Denmark, Domestic architecture
Denmark, Greenland expedition
Faröe Islands, Viking voyages
Faröe Islands, Sea exploration council
France, La Charité sur Loire
Greenland, Ships
Greenland, Sea exploration council
Monaco, Football championship
Monaco, Real Madrid
Sweden, Antarctic expedition
Sweden, Postal co-operation
Sweden, Grönköpings veckoblad
Sweden, Motorcycle sports

Denmark, Domestic architecture
Denmark, World heritage site
Denmark, Niels Finsen
Denmark, Literary expedition (3)
France, Art
Greenland, Ships
Greenland, Literary expedition
Iceland, Nordia 2003
Monaco, Artists
Monaco, Ascent of Everest
Sweden, Sinking of Götheborg

Canada, Otto Sverdrup
Denmark, Arms definitives
Denmark, Domestic architecture
Denmark, Academy of fine arts
Denmark, Viking ship museum
France, Eleanor of Aquitaine
Greenland, Otto Sverdrup
Greenland, Ships
Japan, Anniversaries, Lafcadio Hearn & Koga Masao (1)
Monaco, UPU conference
Monaco, Princess Grace
Monaco, Prince's palace
Monaco, Don Quixote
Norway, Otto Sverdrup
Sweden, Rock 54
United Nations Geneva, Japanese peace bell
United Nations New York, Japanese peace bell
United Nations Vienna, Japanese peace bell 

Austria, Butterfly
Denmark, Domestic architecture
Denmark, Design exhibition
Denmark, Wavy line centenary
Faröe Islands, Life in Viking age
France, Avicenne
Greenland, Ships
Greenland, Robert Peary
Monaco, Christmas
Sweden, Royal coil stamps
Sweden, World heritage sites
Sweden, First stamp
Sweden, Svinesund bridge
Sweden, Mopeds
Sweden, Angel sculptures

Denmark, Refugee council
Denmark, Mythology
Denmark, Race cars
Denmark, Aircraft
Finland, Sveaborg fortress
Greenland, Alfred Wegener
Monaco, Prince Albert II definitive
Sweden, Railways
Sweden, Nordic mythology
Sweden, Sveaborg fortress
Sweden, Composers
Sweden, Children's TV programmes

Denmark, Windmills
Denmark, UN soldiers
Denmark, Polar year
Denmark, Galathea 3
Denmark, Europa
Denmark, Metric system
Denmark, Flora and fauna
Greenland, Polar year
Greenland, Paul-Emile Victor
Iceland, King's visit
Norway, Europa
Norway, Architectural anniversaries
Sweden, Polar year
Sweden, Sea rescue society
Sweden, Royal coil stamp
Sweden, Fashion design

Aland Islands, Lighthouses
Denmark, Playhouse
Denmark, Royal Life Guards
Denmark, Louisiana museum of modern art
Denmark, Personalities
Finland, Nordenskiöld's expedition
Greenland, Fossils
Greenland, Expeditions
Norway, Transport centenaries
Sweden, Ingmar Bergman
Sweden, Sailing ships
Sweden, Comic strips

Belgium, Louis Braille
Denmark, Old Town Aarhus
Denmark, COP15 (two issues)
Denmark, Metropolitan school
Greenland, Fossils
Greenland, Expeditions
Sweden, Cult cars
Sweden, Queen Silvia
Sweden, Modern architecture
Sweden, Journey into space

Canada, Marine life
China, Composers (2)
Denmark, Personalities
Denmark, Queen's birthday
Denmark, Margrethe definitives
Denmark, Danish Navy
Denmark, Children's books
Greenland, British expedition
Norway, Anniversaries
Sweden, Castles and palaces
Sweden, Coastal life
Sweden, Marine life
Sweden, Crime novels
Sweden, Delicacies
Sweden, Art of engraving

Belgium, Postboxes
Denmark, Manor houses
Denmark, Hjeljen
Denmark, Copenhagen central station
France, Marie Curie
Greenland, Margrethe definitives
Greenland, Cicil aviation history
Greenland, Naomi Uemura
Sweden, Bicycles and tricycles
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Patterned

Denmark, Astronomical instruments
Denmark, Queen's accession
Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen stories
Denmark, Post Office Copenhagen
Faröe islands, Queen's accession
Greenland, Queen's accession
Greenland, Definitives
Greenland, Civil aviation
Greenland, Hans Hendrick
Monaco, Bust of Nofretete
Monaco, Prince Albert II definitives
Monaco, Monacophil 2013
Sweden, Norden
Sweden, Europa
Sweden, Folket Park

Denmark, Manor House Valdemar
Denmark, Little mermaid
Faröe Islands, Faroese boat
Faröe Islands, Nordafar
France, Bernard de Clairvaux
Greenland, Civil aviation
Monaco, Yachts
Sweden, Stockholm planning committee
Sweden, Time and space

Denmark, Manuscripts
France, Parliament of Flanders
Iceland, Manuscripts
Sweden, Ships at sea
Sweden, Chairs

Belgium, Waterloo
Jersey, Victory
Jersey, Battle of Britain
Faroe Islands, Religion in the Viking Age
Luxembourg, Grand Duke Henri definitives
Luxembourg, Grand Duke Henri accession
Sweden, Age of the Vikings

Belgium, Ghent market
Faroe Islands, Poul Poulsen Nolsoe
Faroe islands, Nolsoyar Pall
Sweden, Stockholm Old Town

China, Composers
Faroe Islands, Faroese knife
Faroe Islands, The Seven Swans
Monaco, The Yersin
Monaco, The Calypso
Monaco, Christmas

Faroe Islands - Seabird fowling


Sweden, Portrait of Queen Silvia

Engraving of Greenlandic scene for Swedish post booklet

Engraving for Art du Timbre Gravé


Arctic char

1) Correspondence with P. Naszarkowski
2) By Mörck - Jon Nordstrøm
3) Joint Stamp Issues, November 2006


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