Sunday, 7 April 2013



French Morocco, Air
Monaco, Jules Verne

Cambodia, Coronation (1)
Monaco, Philatelic exhibition

Laos, Education and fine arts
Tunisia, 25th anniversary of Neo-Destour party and victory congress
Tunisia, Definitives

Ivory Coast, Native masks
Laos, Tourism
Monaco, Marine life
Morocco, Olympic games
Tunisia, World refugee year
Tunisia, Olympic games

Monaco, Motor cars
Tunisia, Stamp day
Vietnam, UNESCO

Tunisia, Malaria eradication

French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Crozet archipelago
Ivory Coast, Air
Laos, Freedom from hunger
Mali Republic, Air-Mali network
Monaco, Lions club
Monaco, Football association

Monaco, Marine life
Tunisia, Meteorological day
Vietnam, Hydro-electric station

Central African Republic, World meteorological day
Central African Republic, Harnessed animals in agriculture
Chad, ITU centenary
French Polynesia, Gauguin museum
Laos, Foreign aid
Laos, Pastimes
Lebanon, Definitives
Monaco, ITU
Niger Republic, First African Games
Niger Republic, Radio club promotion

Cameroun, Religious buildings
Laos, Correspondence week
Mauritania, Early aircraft
Senegal, French satellites
Senegal, 30th anniversary of disappearance of Jean Mermoz

Central African Republic, Aircraft
French Polynesia, July Festival
Gabon, Gabon trees
Ivory Coast, Stamp day
Laos, GPO building
Laos, Fishes
Mauritania, IAEA
Monaco, Rotary international
Morocco, Opening of Hilton hotel in Rabat
Tunisia, Mediterranean games
Upper Volta, French space achievements

Cambodia, WHO
Central African Republic, River craft
Congo, Train crossing Mayombé Viaduct
French Polynesia, Bicentenary of discovery
Gabon, 20th anniversary of WHO
Gabon, Literacy day
Laos, Army day
Laos, Fruits
Monaco, Olympics
Monaco, Nice-Monaco railway
Niger Republic, 35th anniversary of first France-Niger airmail service
Tunisia, Electronics in postal service

Laos, ILO
Ivory Coast, Philexafrique (2nd issue)
Malagasy Republic, Traditional dwellings
Mauritania, African tourist year
Monaco, Leonardo da Vinci
Senegal, Tourism

Cambodia, Meteorological day
Congo, Locomotives of Congo railways
Dahomey, 25th anniversary of UN
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Port-aux-Français
Laos, Drums
Laos, Expo 70
Laos, Wild animals
Laos, UN
Mauritania, Traditional costumes
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Livestock breeding
Senegal, Birth bicentenary of Beethoven

Cameroun, Fishing industry
Cameroun, Philatecam 71
Comoro Islands, Charles de Gaulle
French Polynesia, General de Gaulle
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, General de Gaulle
Laos, Mythology
Laos, Traditional crafts
Laos, Racial equality year
Laos, Rotary club
Laos, Twin cities
Laos, Wild animals
Monaco, Historical monuments
New Caledonia, South Pacific Games (11f)
New Caledonia, General de Gaulle (100f)
St. Pierre et Miquelon, De Gaulle
Upper Volta, Musical instruments
Wallis & Futuna Islands, South pacific games

Dahomey, Winter Olympic Games Sapporo Japan
French Polynesia, De Gaulle monument
French Southern and Antarctic Territories, General de Gaulle
Ivory Coast, Postage dues
Khmer Republic, Wild animals
Laos, Book year
Laos, Mythology
Laos, Religious festival
Mali Republic, World heart month
Monaco, Watteau
Tunisia, Tunisian red crescent

Khmer Republic, Air
Khmer Republic, Angkor sculptures

(1) Collecting by engraver - Stampcommunity website

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