Ivory Coast, Native masks
Malagasy Republic, Trees festival
Monaco, Olympics
Tunisia, Fifth world forestry congress
Vietnam, Rice farming
Vietnam, Anniversary of republic

Congo, Postage dues

French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Centenary of Obock
Malagasy Republic, President Tsirnana bridge

Upper Volta, Dakar games

Cambodia, Birds
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Local dhows
Gabon, Gabon Fauna
Malagasy Republic, Malagasy art

Central African Republic, Fifth anniversary of Admission to UPU
Dahomey, ITU centenary
Dahomey, Fishes
Ivory Coast, Birds
Laos, Fauna
Niger Republic, ITU centenary
Senegal, Gorée puppets
Senegal, Postal services
Upper Volta, ITU centenary

Cameroun, Cameroun armed forces
Chad, World cup football championships England
Gabon, Libreville airport
Niger Republic, Sixth world meteorological day
Niger Republic, Astronautics
Senegal, World festival of Negro arts
Senegal, Tourism
Upper Volta, World meteorological day

Ivory Coast, Air Afrique headquarters
Mauritania, Trees
Monaco, Hydrographic congress
Niger Republic, Nigerian red cross
St. Pierre et Miquelon, New harbour
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Opening of airport
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Television service
Senegal, International tourist year

Central African Republic, River craft
Malagasy Republic, Five year plan
Senegal, Campaign for precention of cattle plague
Upper Volta, National school of administration
Upper Volta, Caravelle airliner Ouagadougou

French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Buildings and landmarks
Gabon, Stamp day
Ivory Coast, Philexafrique (2nd issue)
Ivory Coast, Art exhibition Vevey
Mali Republic, Philexafrique
Mauritania, Economic development
Niger Republic, World meteorological day
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Buildings and monuments
Upper Volta, World meteorological day
Upper Volta, 50th anniversary of league of red cross societies

Chad, Trades and handicrafts
Congo, Locomotives of Congo railways
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Buildings and landmarks
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Afar dagger
Gabon, Weapons 25f
Gabon, Gabonese weapons
Malagasy Republic, 25th anniversary of UN
Mali Republic, Public buildings
Mali Republic, Railway locomotives from the steam era
Mauritania, 25th anniversary of UN
New Caledonia, Stamp Day
Niger Republic, World telecommunications day
Upper Volta, Red cross

Cameroun, Philatecam 71
Niger Republic, Moon mission of Apollo 15
Niger Republic, Musical instruments

Mali Republic, Railway locomotives
Niger Republic, UPU day
Senegal, 75th death anniversary of Alphonse Daudet

Congo, Locomotives of the Congo railways
Congo, 10th anniversary of World Food programme
Gabon, 50th anniversary of Interpol
Malagasy Republic, Centenary of WMO
Mali Republic, 50th anniversary of Le Mans 24 hour endurance race
Mali Republic, Musical instruments
New Caledonia, WMO
Niger Republic, 10th anniversary of World food programme

Central African Republic, World population year
French Polynesia, UPU
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Afar dagger

Niger Republic, Pan-African drought relief

Upper Volta, Campaign against onchocerciasis