Finishing the job

It is probably a well-known fact that at the end of his career, failing health started to hamper Czeslaw Slania in his work and his fellow colleague and fellow compatriot Piotr Naszarkowski had to step in and finish some of the jobs given to Slania.

Most famous of those is the Elvis Presley stamp, issued in Sweden in 2004. This was a stamp for which Slania had already started the engraving. He had worked on the background but was not able to finish his engraving. So the actual portrait was done by Naszarkowski, who also tried to tidy up the background as much as possible. This proved rather difficult so the end result still looks a bit like a badly woven fabric, but is still an improvement on the original (image courtesy of Piotr Naszarkowski's website).

Another well-known issue given to Slania but eventually engraved by Naszarkowski is the 2005 Greta Garbo issue. By this time, Slania had passed away.

This stamp was issued both in Sweden and the United States and though they look identical at first glance, these are actually two different engravings.

A lesser known fact is perhaps that at the time, Naszarkowski got a third Slania project to finish: the 2005 US Duck Stamp. The stamp, depicting hooded mergansers, is the first for which a souvenir sheetlet was produced. It was a very limited printing and is therefore nowadays rather pricey.

Much better to opt for the next one, is what I would say. Because Naszarkowski also landed the job of engraving the 2006 duck stamp, this time depicting a Ross' Goose.

Quite a lovely stamp I think, and the image of the engraving only (again courtesy of Piotr Naszarkowski's website) is rather attractive.

Again we have a souvenir sheetlet accompanying the issue with the added bonus that this time (and it would prove to be the only time) there was not only room for the designer to sign but also for the engraver!


At special request (yes, I do do those), I hereby add an image of the two Greta Garbo engravings in a single scan.



  1. Great artists make always great pieces of art! I like the s/s in the end of your post! I must admit is the first time I see such a beautiful one, with signatures. Thanks for share! Catalin

    1. Yes, it's a nice sheet, isn't it?! Especially because there are no designer and/or engraver names mentioned on the stamp itself.


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