Four engravers under a magnifying glass

In 2004, the Swedish post thought it a good idea to honour the four engravers which had been responsible for all their magnificent recess-printed stamps. So they produced this little map with information about Czeslaw Slania, Lars Sjööblom, Martin Mörck and Piotr Naszarkowski, of which they printed 5000 copies. And they called it 4 gravörer under lupp. So far so good. But it gets better when you learn that all four engravers included a self chosen piece of work to be included. Those four engravings turn this rather general brochure into something highly special!

And so we find Slania having chosen his engraving 'Napoleon on Horseback' to be included. A very apt subject, seeing his interest in historic scenes. Apparently, Slania was quite the expert on the Napoleonic era.

Martin Mörck's choice was just as obvious. Being fascinated by anything and everything Greenlandish, his chosen engraving is of a scene of East Greenland.

The brochure reports that Piotr Naszarkowski embraced the strict classic school of engraving, hence probably his inclusion of a classic statue, that of Mars and Venus.

The final engraving is by Lars Sjööblom, who has become known not only for using dots to engrave portraits, but for his magnificent animal engravings. This here Golden Eagle is so beautiful it just leaves one speechless!



  1. It was a real pleasure to read about those 4 engravers, great names for worldwide philately. Thanks, and regards! Catalin


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