Goffin's church

When we think of current French engravers, we can easily come up with the big names that have been around for a long time, such as Pierre Albuisson or Claude Andreotto. Even the more recent additions to this group are well-known, such as Elsa Catelin and Louis Boursier, not to forget that gorgeous 'newcomer' Pierre Bara.

So why is it that somewhere in the half light we have this lady chiselling away quietly, and yet we hardly ever hear from or of her? She is of course Marie-Noëlle Goffin, who has been engraving stamps ever since the 1970s.

I was therefore rather happy that she finally features prominently in the Art du Timbre Gravé tradition of creating beautiful engravings for their members.

Goffin's engraving is of a traditional Slovakian church which you may find in Dobroslava. It's a pity that the organisation's magazine doesn't elaborate on the engravings, and lets the engraver talk about their work, but there you are. I can't therefore tell you much about it.

I checked my collection for Goffin stamps but found I only have a measerly six stamps engraved by her, of which I quite like this one: the 1980 Comédie Française stamp.

Googling her name does yield some little interviews so maybe it's time I looked a bit more closely at her, if only I had more time....



  1. I think I'm going to have to look into this excellent engraver myself!


  2. I'm not sure if you've come across this listing for Goffin, Adrian?


    1. Thanks, Matt, yes I know the site and will at some stage use it to fill in the gaps!

    2. I thought you probably did. :) Just put it in ... in case.


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