GALLERY: Guillaume Broux

Eupen's Marketplaces

Guillaume Broux engraved two of the five stamps in this sheetlet, His third one, depicting the Church of St Nicolas, was engraved together with Wolfgang Mauer. Broux engraved the left-hand part and Mauer the right-hand part. To show the various engraving techniques used by engravers, bpost produced a limited sheet of an enlargement of the engraving.

The Eupen miniature sheet, issued on 12 June 2017 

War memorial

Town Hall

St Nicolas Church, engraved by both Broux and Mauer

Special bpost sheet with enlarged illustration of the two engravings together 


  1. any link to purchase the illustration sheet?

    1. I've only seen it for sale here at Delcampe: Rather pricey though!


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