The 2004 Salon du Timbre

I don't travel much but one thing still on my list of places/events to visit is a Salon du Timbre in Paris. That must be a mecca for engraver admirers like me!


The Salon held in Paris' Parc Floral in June 2004 was extra special in that a souvenir sheet was produced, engraved by Claude Jumelet.


According to available information, it was printed on site and each day in a different colour.


Now I have managed to get a set of eight, which I at first figured to be a complete set (although it wasn't advertised as such).


However, if it was printed on each and every day in a different colour, there should be nine different ones, shouldn't there?


And when I bumped into a little news snippet in a 2004 French philatelic magazine, it said that the complete set consisted of ten different ones.


Which is why I'm showing you here the eight colours I have so far. The ones with the metal names are printed in shiny ink.

If you know of any other colours (green seems to be an obvious one missing), or better still, if you know any of those missing colours for sale, then do let me know!


Having said that, it's quite a nice sheetlet, isn't it?! And I'm quite pleased and satisfied with the eight I have, so I'm not being greedy, I just like to know!



That's how I like it! This post had hardly been up a day or I've already got the answers, thanks to Glenn in the UK.

So yes, there are ten different ones in total: like I said, there is one in green and there is a tenth version in a darker shade of blue, with mine being rather turquoisey.

Note also, which I hadn't mentioned yet, how the one in gold just has the single date in the top and 'Inauguration' at the bottom. This may well have been the first one issued as an extra, with the other nine being one of the 'one every day' variety. 

Glenn also pointed me towards similar sheetlets issued in other years, which I'm hoping to show you soon!