The Decaris - Combet partnership

A couple of days ago I showed you the progressive die proof of a stamp engraved by Albert Decaris, with the lettering engraved by Jacques Combet, and you saw me marvelling at that fact, thinking it would normally only be ABNC and BEP engravers who used to split up their work like that, and not the French engravers.

Apparently, it was not as exceptional as I thought it was, because Floriàn has been in touch to point out that there is another stamp of which the vignette was engraved by Decaris and the frame by Combet: the 1950 French airmail stamp with the view of Paris!

Any more out there?



  1. I had no idea Decaris didn't do the frame of this stamp. Good to know!


  2. Thanks Adrian. I had this wrong in the database so it is fixed now. Thanks to Florian as well.


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