Saturday, 9 January 2016

The almost as mysterious Gaston Gandon

As fate would have it, you find me this week struggling almost as much as last week, with yet another French engraver featured on that 1941 Paris exhibition sheetlet. Last week, it was Pierre Camors, this week it was Gaston Gandon. Although, to be honest, fate had nothing to do with it, it's which decides which engraver gets picked weekly from my list.

But that aside, try and find information on Gaston Gandon and you'll find just two short pieces of information, one in French and one in English, repeated again and again. Basically, all it tells us is that Gaston is the father of famous engraver Pierre and that he only engraved two stamps for France: the 1936 'burelé' airmail stamp and the 1939 Strasbourg stamp.

However, all is not as desperate as it was with Camors because I think I'm on to something but I just need a bit more time! So come back in a week or two, three and I should be able to tell you more about the man.

In the meantime enjoy Strasbourg and the Military School in Paris and keep the faith!


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