Schirnbock's biography

I've been summoned (hi Pim!) to make my chats a bit longer, but the sun is shining and the washing needs doing and the bed needs airing and then there's the ironing and what have you. So I'm going to be disobedient and keep it short once again.

But I will give you 600 words to read, those being a short biography of the master engraver Ferdinand Schirnböck. You'll find them by clicking HERE. I probably would have written a different story if it hadn't been for the fact that this particular one had to be included in a World War One special. Well, maybe one day I'll write a better story.

I have been reading about Schirnböck a bit this week and was very happy to find I could attribute the 1907 Montenegro definitives to Schirnböck. I've always quite liked these, so now they nestle cosily next to the many other gems that Schirnböck engraved.

Looking at what little I have of him, it's hard to pick my favourites, but all these here are a few examples of ones I particularly like.