Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pfeiler's biography

What do Werner Pfeiler, Pietro Nicolo Arghittu and Sven Ewert have in common? Well, they all get a mention today. So let's start with:

Werner Pfeiler

Though I might think twice to call him my favourite Austrian engraver, I wouldn't hesitate claiming that he engraved all of my favourite Austrian definitives, and for that alone he needs heaps of praise! So I've just uploaded his biography, which you'll find by clicking HERE. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Pietro Nicolo Arghittu

Remember that some months ago I wrote that I would be concentrating on the engravings of Pietro Nicolo Arghittu? Well, I have done so, but what I've found is that apart from a basic collection of stamps he engraved, I'm not getting much further and information-wise too I'm drying out pretty quickly.

So I figured that just randomly choosing an engraver from my list may not be such a clever idea as there will be hundreds about which little to nothing is known. So, despite the fact that I've now got this Arghittu collection, which does include some lovely stamps, I have decided to let him be and think of a different strategy.

Sven Ewert

And that's how we get to Mr Ewert, because I've decided to only pick engravers from my own display. This way, I will at least choose an engraver who has maybe done a bit more than 'just' stamps, and about whom more will have been written. Although the display does include many big names, there are also plenty of lesser known gods included; after all, there are already some 60 engravers featured in the display. So, using my random website, the choice for the next twelve months was Sven Ewert.

Which made me think immediately of that beautiful progressive die of the 1948 Danish definitives, which came up for sale in an auction some months ago. I let it go then, because I can't go for everything and Ewert was not on my radar at the time. Now I wish I had put in a bid, though, for it never even sold!

Oh well, hopefully there's plenty of opportunities in the next twelve months!


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  1. Your new strategy sounds like fun! Good luck with it.