Slania's gyrfalcon

Sweden's 2014 year book, or so the advert promised us, would come with a great folder on Czeslaw Slania's gyrfalcon stamp. And, gullable as I am, I of course immediately had to have it. It has just arrived and it looks good. But further research showed it was hardly a newly produced souvenir but a folder already produced in 2007. However, I didn't have it so I'm chuffed to bits anyway!

The original folder was produced in the year the stamp, originally printed in 1981, was finally taken off sale for good and replaced with a different high value definitive. The folder first of all includes a lovely mint copy of the stamp. And some lovely stamp it is, too!

It also includes a used copy, cancelled with a special gyrfalcon postmark, dated 26-09-2007, which was its final day of usage. Not sure what to do with that as I don't collect used but I'm sure it'll find its way to a bird collectors collection one day.

What I really like, though, is the special souvenir sheet which is also included. It is a monochrome printing of a single stamp, with the value defaced. The sheets are numbered and printed in a 'limited' edition of 6000.

As mine is numbered 5112, I'm guessing the Swedish post is just trying to rid themselves of leftover folders and may have less than a 1000 left. So if you're still interested, why not try and get one for yourselves!? After all, you will also get the year book which I will feature in coming posts.

See yous later