30 November 2014

In the old days I used to collect Queen Wilhelmina (of the Netherlands), for nostalgic reasons I suppose, and because her era included many engraved stamps. Thankfully I've since been able to transfer some of these to my stamp engravers collection, but this 1945 pictorial Surinam set kept bothering me. I found out relatively easily that Joseph Keller engraved the 4c and 5c values, but I desperately wanted to know who engraved the 2.5c because I had this lovely die proof which I wanted to include in my collection. So I was overjoyed when I was browsing in Hessler's The Engraver's Line once again, in search of a good engraver starting with an L, and I chanced upon the answer! It was Elie Timothée Loizeaux who engraved the 2.5c! So I can finally add a page to my collection with this gorgeous die proof. I think Mr Loizeaux therefore deserves a space in my monthly column, so I may well concentrate on him for a bit.

An engraver I've been concentrating on heavily for a while now is the Swiss engraver Karl Bickel (senior). I was very lucky to secure this beautiful colour proof block of four of his 1927 Pestalozzi stamp.

This black version is now the fourth colour proof I have, and I've never ever seen any others advertised so I'm inclined to believe these were the only four colours trialled. The eventual colour used was red, which is not among this lot so I wonder whether any red colour proofs might exist as well. It would seem strange, after all, to discard all the proof colours and then opt for a colour which hadn't been proofed. Maybe someday one will surface?!

Other than that I've just started including engravers from the SG catalogue part 8: Portugal and Spain. Quite a few names will be added to the database, and you'll find them all by clicking on the appropriate label.

See yous later