28 November 2014

Well, I hear you thinking, what's he doing chatting on a weekday?!

Simple: I just thought I'd try something new. Leaving it all to the Saturday sometimes feels a bit forced, so I thought I'd try to write a bit more often, and just go through my recent activities on a semi-daily basis, when all the info in my head is still fresh and I'm still bubbling with enthusiasm over this find or that new item in the post. So you basically just have to tune in more often to keep abreast of everything!

Starting with some more info on last Saturday's post on Georg Wimmer's scouting stamps, I was told by Glenn that the items I showed were all progressive proofs, i.e. proofs of an as yet unfinished engraving. The final engraving is much more elaborate and includes a castle in the background. Glenn  kindly sent along a few pics so I can show you all what the finished product looks like. I've already spotted them on eBay but they were grouped together and therefore a bit pricey so I have been able to resist the temptation (so far!).

Other than that I've just added a new name to the engraver database, that of Kenneth Kipperman. Not that he's new to the scene of stamp engravers but as he's mainly involved in US stamps, which I haven't come round to yet, he just hadn't featured so far. His entry is of course still very far from complete but at least he's now up there, with a few pics of his engravings for the fantastic US set of Great Americans (one of my favourite American definitives) and those beautiful windmills which he engraved as well.

I'll soon have to start writing my next column for Stamp & Coin Mart and I'll be doing an engraver starting with an L. Leitgeb? Lorber? Not sure yet. Do you have any preferences?

See yous