Saturday, 13 September 2014

Stamp club display

Last night was the first night of the new season at our local philatelic society and, as is tradition, it was 'Members Night', meaning that we could all show up to ten sheets of whatever we liked.

Naturally I brought some engravers sheets with me and as one of the members had asked me this summer if I could bring some of my French Mariannes, I obliged and brought stuff from Gandon, Larrivière, Jumelet and Catelin, to name but a few. Only to find this particular member wasn't at the meeting! Oh well, the others seemed to enjoy it too.

I thought it might be nice, before I tuck those sheets away again, to scan them and show some of them here, just to show what you could do when it comes to mounting a collection. As always, clicking on the images leads to bigger images which is especially fine when showing whole sheets.

The 1949 French Stamp Centenary issues by Pierre Gandon

The 1995 Gandon commemorative issue by Jacky Larrivière

Claude Jumelet's work for the Marianne de Lamouche stamps

Elsa Catelin's Mariannes
Any comments always welcome!



  1. Hi. Thank you for posting this. I love your blog in general but I have a special fascination for how people present their collections so this post is a treat.

    One question: on the Jumulet page I can't figure out how you mounted the stamps. The stamp backgrounds look to be a different colour than the page but the black border crosses both the page and the background? Is it just my bad eyesight, or an effect of the scan?


    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your kind words!

      It's just the scan making it hard to see. Basically, I make my pages in Word, and use empty text boxes as frames for the stamps and other items. I then cut clear mounts to shape and stick them on the page. The different colour is the result of the scan and the mounts just stick out a bit on that page (probably by not having cut them precisely enough!).