Marianne won and lost

Hello everyone,

I'm still in the midst of moving house and will be for the next month as well so my chats will be unfortunately short these coming weeks. Once I'm settled in I'll be soon back to normal, hopefully. Good thing is that I'll be close to not one but five (!) local societies. Almost too much to choose from!

So today, just the one item, but it is a real beauty:

This is a die proof of an essay for a new Marianne design. Made in 1997 by Claude Jumelet. Unfortunately for him, his design did not make it. One of the criticisms was thought to be that this Marianne does not wear a phrygian cap, turning her into "Mrs. Anybody".

Anyway, Jumelet did get the opportunity to engrave the winning design, which was the Eve Luquet stamp.

And bittersweet was the fact that when all designs were shown at that year's Philexfrance stamp exhibition, the public overwhelmingly voted for Jumelet's design. So at least he won the popular vote, if not the French President's favour.



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