Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pierre Gandon uploaded

Yes, I've been a busy bee this week and managed to upload yet another of my stamp engravers' biographies. It being so nice and summery here I thought I'd move south from Sweden to France and have a look at Pierre Gandon. You find his biography HERE.

Marianne de Gandon 1945

Gandon is of course world famous for his many French definitives, issued from the 1940s to the 1980s. I include some images of them here in this post.

Sabine de Gandon, 1977
Actually, someone asked me if I could show some Mariannes at our next stamp club meeting. So I thought I could do a bit of Gandon for them. Which means you'll be seeing more of him soon here.

Liberté de Gandon, 1982

But for now it's just the little biography for you to enjoy. It answers that question which will have been on your minds for ages: why on earth could someone as famous as Pierre Gandon get mixed up with Charles Mazelin????


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