Uppsala Cathedral

At long last I have the final item to make up my page on Uppsala Cathedral. It is the engraving by Czeslaw Slania of the 1967 4k50 stamp depicting the interior of the cathedral.

But the engraving is older and was not necessarily made for a postage stamp. You see, when Sweden's stamp printing office acquired a new three-colour stamp printing press in 1964, they produced test stamps to test the new machine. These were the original Uppsala Cathedral stamps engraved by Slania.

These test stamps were used, in 1974, to make up promotional booklets, which were handed out during the Stockholmia 1974 show.  As you can see, the original test stamps were not denominated.

Looking closely at the blue test stamp I would hazard a guess that the engraving is slightly different to that of the brown-red postage stamp shown above. This seems most obvious when comparing the floor and the light bits behind the chandelier. It seems therfore plausible that Slania improved his engraving after the test stamps were produced, to enhance the quality of the actually issued 4k50 postage stamp.

Another thing which this comparison shows is that, according to me anyway, the choice of colour influences the effectiveness of the engraving. I find the brown-red colour rather uninviting and it makes you want to avert your eyes, whereas the cool deep blue colour shows off the engraving much better and really tempts you to study it more closely. But seeing that anything to do with colour seems to be highly subjective, it could just be me thinking this. 

Anyway, in 1976 a repeat performance took place, when other test stamps, multicoloured this time, were used for promotional booklets handed out during Hafnia 1976. And these three items make up yet another great page in my collection, I think.