The little mermaid

The Scandinavian countries are to be recommended for hanging on to their tradition of issuing loads of recess-printed stamps. And what I like even more about them is that they sometimes also issue special sheetlets which only include the recess-printed parts of their stamps. Stamps printed in a combination of processes often don't show off the engraved art at its best, so these special sheetlets make up for that.

The latest one I managed to get hold of is the 2013 'Little Mermaid' issue of Denmark. The issue comprises a self-adhesive stamp and a traditionally gummed miniature sheet, showing the statue in more detail and against a Danish backdrop.

The miniature sheet is mainly printed in lithography, with only the statue and its rock being engraved.

Take a look at this special sheetlet. Only now can you properly see and appreciate the artwork, engraved by Martin Mörck. Although I'd always favour fully recess-printed stamps, this at least is a more than acceptable compromise, which makes the whole issue more interesting.

I have no idea whether this is done for every issue, but I'll sure be looking out for more of these!