Although I normally know well in advance which items I'm hoping to find, I sometimes just browse sites like eBay or Delcampe, looking for anything filed under words such as 'engraver', 'engraving' or 'gravure'. It's amazing what sort of unexpected things you discover!

My latest discovery was that especially engraved sheetlets were made available to visitors to the NABA ZURI 84 exhibition in Switzerland. I managed to find two, but I have no idea whether there may have been more. If you do, let me know!

The first one is an engraving of the famous Swiss stamp engraver Karl Bickel.

A wonderful and charming detail is that it is engraved by his son, Karl Bickel Jr, himself also a stamp engraver for Switzerland! The actual engraving was made in 1983, which is only a year after Bickel Sr's death, making it an even more poignant hommage to his father.

The second sheetlet depicts another famous stamp engraver: Albert Yersin. Again, the sheetlet was engraved by a contemporary stamp engraver, Pierre Schopfer.

What I like particularly about this engraving is that Schopfer has incorporated some of Yersin's stamps in the background.

Behind his ear, for example, we find his 1974 definitive, depicting the rose window of Lausanne Cathedral. The imagery to the left of Yersin's portrait may well also refer to his life or his artwork, but that is not obvious enough for me to recognise.

Anyway, I'm chuffed to bits with these unexpected finds!