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Carmichael engraved the 1850 2d value of New South Wales' 'Sydney Views' definitives. Being both deaf and dumb, he did not want to sign a contract binding him to a certain completion date for his work. He did however, solemnly gave his word to finish on time and the authorities had to accept that as the best they would get. Carmichael proved true to his word.

At the time, Carmichael was considered the finest engraver in New South Wales and New Zealand even had plans to employ him to produced engravings for their first stamps. In November 1850 they enquired whether Carmichael would be able to engrave dies for New Zealand, but the answer they received was that Carmichael was still busy engraving the dies for the new New South Wales stamps which would be issued in 1851, and would not be available to work for New Zealand before the summer if 1851. Eventually, it was William Humphrys who went on to engrave the Chalon portrait for New Zealand in 1855.


New South Wales, Sydney View 2d definitive

New South Wales, Laureated definitives

New South Wales, Registered Letters


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