Ivory Coast, 20th anniversary of UNESCO and UNICEF

Central African Republic, Bangui M'Poko airpoirt
Dahomey, 50th anniversary of Lions International
Gabon, UN status of Women commission
Mauritania, Publicity for olympic games
Mauritania, World scout jamboree
Mauritania, Campaign for rpevention of cattle plague
Monaco, Motor grand prix
Niger Republic, World scout jamboree Idaho
Niger Republic, UN women's rights commission
Senegal, Senegalese red cross

Cambodia, Olympics
Congo, Mothers' festival
Dahomey, 20th anniversary of WHO
Ivory Coast, Eighth anniversary of Independence
Laos, Beetles
Laos, Olympics

Chad, Frozen meat industry
Comoro Islands, Prayer mats
Congo, International toy fair Nuremberg
Mali Republic, 50th anniversary of ILO
Mauritania, Baalbek festival
New Caledonia, 20th Anniv of Nouméa-Paris air service
Senegal, Philexafrique

Cameroun, Ozila dancers
Cameroun, World Fair Expo 70 Osaka Japan
Central African Republic, Musical instruments
Congo, Art and culture
Congo, History of flight and space travel
French Polynesia, PATA congress
French Polynesia, Pearl diving
Ivory Coast, Stamp day
Ivory Coast, Marine life
Niger Republic, Aviation pioneers

Niger Republic, Moon mission of Apollo 14

Central African Republic, Moon flight of Apollo 16
Congo, Wild animals
French Polynesia, Arts festival
Ivory Coast, Kossou dam
Khmer Republic, Wild animals
Mali Republic, Olympic games
Mali Republic, Moon flight of the Apollo 16
Mali Republic, 10th anniversary of Bamako rotary club

Chad, 500th birth anniversary of Nicholas Copernicus
Comoro Islands, Leprosy bacillus
Comoro Islands, Nicholas Copernicus
Congo, International co-operation in space
Congo, Skylab space laboratory
Dahomey, Fishes
Dahomey, Centenary of WMO
France, Tourism
Gabon, History of flight
Ivory Coast, Establishment of first SOS children's village
Mali Republic, International scouting congress
Mali Republic, World cup football championships
Monaco, Birth anniversaries
Monaco, Monegasque traditions
Niger Republic, Centenary of Dr gerhard Hansen's identification of leprosy bacillus
Niger Republic, 25th anniversary of WHO

Cameroun, Centenary of UPU
Cameroun, 500th birth anniversary of Nicholas Copernicus
Central African Republic, Opening of Catherine Bokassa infant care centre
Chad, World population year
Chad, Centenary of UPU
France, Stamp day
France, Red cross
Gabon, Soviet-American space co-operation
Malagasy Republic, Railway locomotives

Congo, 30th anniversary of UN
France, Arphila 75
France, Red cross
French Polynesia, Olympics
Malagasy Republic, International women's year
Mali Republic, Fishes
Mali Republic, International women's year
Monaco, History of the motor car
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Pre-Olympic Year

Central African Republic, World telecommunications day
Central African Republic, World UPU day
France, Regions
France, Tourism
Malagasy Republic, Fifth anniversary of Apollo 14 moon flight
Mali Republic, Literature for children
Niger Republic, World health day
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Concorde
Wallis & Futuna Islands,  American revolution

Andorra (French), Europa
Benin, Paintings
France, Regions
France, Battle of Cambrai
France, Civil engineering federation
French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, Celebrities

France, Tourism
France, Help for convalescents
Gabon, International anti-apartheid year
Mali Republic, 30th anniversary of Gandhi's assassination

Andorra (French), Judo championships
France, Red cross
France, Palais Royal

Andorra (French), House of the Valleys
France, Gastronomical exhibition
Mali Republic, 60th anniversary of League of Nations
Mali Republic, 25th anniversary of Afro-Asian Bandung conference
Monaco, Precancels
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Alexander Fleming

Andorra (French), Disabled persons
France, Education system
Monaco, Persimmon tree

Andorra (French), Nature protection
Iceland, Shells
Wallis & Futuna Islands, Blind Day

Andorra (French), Europa
Andorra (French), Definitives
Mali Republic, Water analysis apparatus

Andorra (French), Pyrenees
France, Women's day
Iceland, Gudbrand's bible

Andorra (French), Youth year
France, Women's day

France, Women's day
St. Pierre et Miquelon,  Discovery and Constitution

France, Months of the year
Monaco, Precancels
St. Pierre et Miquelon,  Fungi

France, Elements
St. Pierre et Miquelon,  Fungi
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Louis Thomas

France, Tourism
St. Pierre et Miquelon,  Natural heritage

France, France-Brasil House
France (UNESCO), Protected sites

Andorra (French), Definitives
France (UNESCO), Protected sites
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Piper Tomahawk
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Natural Heritage

St. Pierre et Miquelon, Model aircraft
St. Pierre et Miquelon, Langlade

St. Pierre et Miquelon, Natural Heritage